CBD – Is the future gummy?

What’s the fuss about CBD?

Without a doubt CBD is rising to popularity, especially in the western part of the world, with many people claiming the benefits they receive from consuming it.

cbd oil
CBD Oil is still the most common method of taking the substance.

I talk about CBD as a whole in far more depth with its benefits which you can read in my other blog post here.

CBD is being taken by a lot of people nowadays! I’ve met people who had chronic back pain everyday at the age of 70, to now having literally no back pain at all after taking just one or two drops a day before bed. Others claim a reduction in menstrual cramps and even some people are going as far to say it’s healed some early onset cancers. It’s safe to say, the claims are remarkable, and very hard to ignore.

How to take CBD?

But with the most predominant way of taking CBD with is with a few drops under the tongue, otherwise known as ‘Sublingual’.

CBD Oil dropper
Most effective way of taking CBD oil is under the tongue

This is apparently the preferred and fastest way to get it working into your system. Some people however, detest the taste of CBD, with it’s admittedly earthy smell, and somewhat strong aftertaste, it’s what I’d consider a small price to pay for a lot of gain, but is there a better way to consume CBD?

The answer, CBD gummies.

Honest Hemp, have released a far tastier and mouth watering option of consuming our much desired holistic supplement.

CBD Gummies Honest Hemp
These are delicious!

The CDB gummies are an easy, tasty, and addictive way of taking your daily dose of CBD, but without the oil, and no earthy aftertaste.

These little gems are vegan, gluten free and soy free respectively.

I expected an ‘unexpected’ aftertaste, but pleasantly found just a normal taste of candy which compelled me to consume the upper recommneded dose!

Honest recommend no more than 6-8 gummies, 1-3 per day if using the ‘bear shaped gummies’. However this will change if you are consuming the high dose ‘gummy domes’ which are 10mg per sweet, as opposed to 5mg.

Dosage of the gummies

Luckily honest hemp clearly thought about this. Their team who taste test all of these consumables clearly knew how tasty these gummies were, and so have added a smaller amount of CBD per gummy sweet.

This allows you to enjoy them as more of a ‘treat’, and less of a ‘daily dose’ to meet your CBD consumption.

This being said, I tried to make the tub of CBD gummies last for quite a while, but was very difficult, especially when your partner gets a taste of one!

Is the future gummy?

gummy bear

From the taste, to the effects of CBD as we know it, I do certainly think the gummy alternative to CDB Oil is a very viable alternative indeed.

It’s worth noting that the gummy variants are slightly more expensive than a tincture of CBD oil, however, if someone wants to get the benefits in a smaller dose with far more convenience, then this is surely got to be the way forward.

I think what honest hemp have done is really made a way for everyone to consume this great product and not just restrict it to people taking it the traditional way. Dare I say they have made it so tasty honest hemp might even want to expand their range into purely a vegan conventionary range as well, as they really are that delicious!

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