Daysy 2.0 Fertility Tracker Review + Discount Code

Advertorial – We tend to stick to what we know in regards to birth control. Tablets, implants, coils, injections or condoms. Over the many years, putting implants in our skin, injecting or swallowing a tablet now seem the normal thing to do. I once certainly thought it was.

Three years ago I decided to stop contraception altogether and let my cycle return with my natural periods. After all, a women’s cycle is not rocket science to understand! Although, certainly easier to decipher with the right tools. Que a magnificent drum roll for Daysy, my fertility tracker.

What is Daysy?

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that enables women to understand more about their bodies through their own menstrual cycles. It’s never been easier to know exactly when you are in your fertile or infertile window. Daysy is also ideal to use when you are planning a pregnancy. The decision is yours as the user as per your own intentions.

I recently posted a new youtube video discussing why I use the Daysy fertility tracker, the new features and a comparision look of the new Daysy against the older Daysy. Click the video below to watch or find out more.

How does it work? How effective is it?

Daysy is the perfect device to understanding your menstrual cycle, such as when you are in your fertile or infertile window. However, like any other device or gadget out there, it’s only as effective if it’s used correctly and consistently. All the menstrual cycle history can be seen through the Daysyview app on your mobile phone. This enables you to physically see the temperatures changes through the graph display which helps in understanding what is happening in your body.

Low maintenance, all that Daysy fertility tracker requires to work is thirty seconds to a minute of your time upon waking immediately every morning. Daysy is easy to use, all you have to do is pull the lid off and place the thermometer into your mouth under your tongue until she beeps. Should you hear Daysy grumble, this would mean there was an issue in recording your temperature, so be sure to measure your temperature again.

After measurement has taken place, you will then be shown a colour on the Daysy fertility tracker. The colours have meaning and signify what the status of your fertility is. See the list below to understand what the colour readings mean:

Red light = Signifies you are fertile or possibly fertile.
Red flashing = Predicted day of ovulation.
Orange light = Learning phase/cycle fluctuation so use condoms or abstaining is recommended.
Green light = You are in your infertile window, so you can have unprotected sex without falling pregnant.
Red, green, yellow flashing = You may possibly be pregnant.
Red, green, yellow solid = You are pregnant.

The Daysy fertility tracker analyses your measurement against the algorithm, which incorporates data from 5 million menstrual cycles and from 30 years of research. This is how Daysy can tell you with certainty whether you are in your fertile or infertile phase. It’s worth noting that stress, alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation are all considered in the algorithm as these can influence menstrual cycles.

To learn more about the technology behind Daysy including the algorithm and physiological facts in regards to menstrual cycles, visit this page on Daysy’s website.

What’s new in the Daysy 2.0?

In March 2019, the new Daysy 2.0 was born! As a user of the original Daysy device for 17 months, I have been really excited to start using the new device and fill you in on what’s new and what has been improved in the new model!

1. Bluetooth syncing capability to communicate with your phone or tablet

No more syncing via a cable as the new Daysy fertility tracker is Bluetooth compatible. Simply press the activation button twice to update the mobile app with your information from your Daysy device. (I’m super happy about this as I’ve had to rescue my cable from the mouth of my cat a few times who ran off with it under the bed.) Never again!

2. Rechargable battery using a micro USB cable

I’m yet to work out the true lifespan of Daysy device. Upon receiving the new Daysy, I put the device on charge and 50 days later, she’s still going! That’s an impressive battery life so far.

3. New robust housing

The new Daysy 2.0 housing feels more stronger and durable. I was a part of an unlucky few that had experienced cracking by the syncing port in the older Daysy device. Although the customer services team were amazing and replaced my Daysy with a new one, I was left feeling afraid it could happen again. I am however, fully reassured this will not happen on the new Daysy device thanks to the new robust design.

This is a great example of a good company. Daysy has always and continues to welcome feedback from their users. After listening and collecting feedback from their customers, they worked hard to find a resolution to this issue.

Much of the feedback collected is to directly benefit users of Daysy as the Daysy team want users to have the most efficient experience when using Daysy. It’s also how the new Daysy 2.0 device came into creation! Hooray for company manufacturers listening to their customers and implementing the changes requested! It’s a rare thing to happen nowadays. 🙂

I’m also so appreciative of the Daysy community on their Facebook group. (It’s a great place to ask for feedback and advice as well as meet other Daysy users too!)

fertility tracker

4. Easier to use activation button

Upon waking first thing in the morning, I personally found the button hard to press on the old Daysy device. I used to have to use more force and with two fingers. On the new device I can now do it with a gentle press with one finger! No excuses ladies to not get that temping in! 😉

5. Device capability for all menstruation edit needs via the activation button

The user of Daysy now has more control and functionality use through the Daysy button itself. By using the centre button you can now erase your data and edit menstrual information which wasn’t possible to do before.

How long have you been using Daysy for?

I’ve been using Daysy for over 17 months now. I’ve never experienced a pregnancy scare or had any issues apart from the crack in the housing on my old Daysy device which was promptly sorted out by the customer services team. If you haven’t already noticed I’m a big fan of using the Daysy device!

What’s your history with birth control?

My contraception journey started at the age of 15. Although I did get periods, they were never regular. I believe it was the doctors hope that if I went on the pill this would improve. Inundating my body with artificial hormones to fix an imbalance was a temporary fix as my periods would only be regular as long as I stayed on the birth control.

In 2016 when I was busy organising my wedding to my significant other, I discovered I had missed over two weeks of taking my birth control pill. This called for me to be more responsible and careful. I decided to change my contraception, so for nine months I then received the DepoProvera injection, meaning every three months I had to go back to the doctors to have a top up injection. All in the name of avoiding babies, I experienced a wealth of not so fun side affects, which to this day I believe caused my Endometriosis to worsen. Should any ladies suffering with Endometriosis be reading this and need some advice on changes I made after getting diagnosed head over to a previous blog article I wrote.

fertility tracker

When did you decide to come off contraception?

I distinctively remember sitting in the passenger seat on my lunch break with my husband crying because of the pain I was in. A few days after receiving the jab, amongst many other side affects I got lower back pain. Something in that moment snapped. Why was I doing this to my body? What was I doing to my body? Did I even know what was in these jabs and tablets? How much strain was I putting my body under believing it was pregnant by using birth control? How detrimental was it to my body to make it temporarily unable to ovulate? These questions made me feel uncomfortable so it was in that moment I decided no more and came off birth control completely.

How much does Daysy cost?

You can buy Daysy over on their website which retails at £265.37 (€299). Initially you may think this is a lot of money, however I view Daysy as an investment.

If you use my code TheKindLife when ordering you will receive 10 euros off your purchase! 

I could not be more grateful that Daysy exists as I now feel like there’s an option for women like me. I’m aware more than ever of how my body works which is invaluable. This little device has changed my life and given me the power back as a women to understand my body!

Have you ever thought about owning a fertility tracker device? Is there anything else you’d like to know about Daysy?

Let’s chat! You know this girl always has time for life changing discussions like this.

Until next time!



  1. November 23, 2019 / 7:34 am

    It seems like a great tool for women having issues with their menstrual cycle. Though the price seems a bit too high but it is still worth it.

    • Elaina Sydney
      January 3, 2020 / 4:21 pm

      Hi Jasko. Thank you for your comment. The price is quite high, but when you think about it, the price to take back control of your flow and your health without the hormones for some women could be seen as a very big justification. x

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