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Advertorial – Up until a few months ago, I had always used disposable menstrual towels and tampons for my periods. It never occurred to me to use reusable products. If like me, you used disposables, have you thought about how many of these products you use on a monthly basis?

On estimate, this was my figure.

Depending on my flow, I change at least five times a day with my periods lasting three days.
5 x 3 = 15. 15 x 12 = 180 menstrual products used a year.

Is there an alternative?

It’s important to know where these products end up once used. After researching, I learnt they go beyond our household bins, they end up in landfill, and even more shockingly the next destination being our oceans.

From my calculation, I was using 180 menstrual products that would end up in landfill a year.

reusable period products

Now the maths is over. Who’s with me in agreeing this is not a sustainable way to control your menstrual flow and beauty regime? With a few small changes, we can choose to no longer contribute to creating ‘unavoidable’ waste products.

I want to introduce to you a sustainable and natural brand called Natissy. Founded three years ago, a conscious couple became aware of how much waste their family was generating. This inspired them to create Natissy, a home of natural innovative products that would not only help to reduce waste but be more natural and better for families and the environment.

reusable period products

The company has since grown to a passionate group of people all inspired in caring for future generations by creating natural products that improve your life and preserve nature simultaneously.

Natissy offer a range of products for women such as bamboo and organic cotton menstrual pads, bamboo/organic makeup remover pads amongst other products like panty liners, bamboo/organic nursing pads and pretty bamboo nightdresses.

The products from Natissy are not tested on animals, they are however tested on the team themselves! The criteria used to assess the products is the following: comfortquality, durability, fair production, effects on health and the planet.

I’ve been using these reusable menstrual pads for two cycles now. Below are four reasons why you should consider the switch to reusable menstrual pads like those from Natissy.

1. They are better for your body

By using a reusable menstrual pad over the supermarket disposable alternatives, you can ensure more comfort in knowing there are not any of the nasty chemicals, bleaches and fragrances, which can cause potential issues for your feminine health. Available in bamboo or organic cotton, the Nattisy pads come in an array of sizes as well with great absorption ability, and best of all they are reusable. After use, simply put them in the washing machine and they are as good as new to use again and again.

reusable period products

2. Reusable menstrual pads save you money

Spending money on period products is an expense which has been proven easy to lose track of. how much a women spends in her lifetime on menstrual products.

A survey estimated that menstruating costs women around £18,000 over their lifetime. Switching to reusable products can save around £8,400.

Huffington Post, 2015. The article can be read here.

What could you do with £8,400? A new car? A glamorous holiday? A deposit for a property? Using resuable products not only saves you money but are kinder to your vagina (yes I went there!) and are better for the environment.

3. More sizing options and stay in place!

Supermarket bought period pads with wings never stay in place for me. Anyone else feel like doing a quick prayer for the underwear you know will be destroyed because the pad has moved? I’ve lost count of the underwear that has been ruined because of this. Natissy menstrual pads come in an array of sizing from size small to extra large. They have a snap button feature which safely secures the pad to your underwear. Finally, I can move around comfortably making no noise (ladies, you know!) and save my pretty underwear from being sabotaged.

reusable period products
The Natissy menstrual pads come with a snap button to ensure a secure fitting to your underwear.

4. Available in a variety of colours and patterns

We all know disposables aren’t very pretty. I certainly don’t get excited when I open them up to use them. Natissy offer a range of colours and patterns, from stripes to spots to florals and fruits. There’s really a design for everyone. Who says you can’t bleed in style?

Before I discuss the resusable makeup remover pads, I wanted to leave you with some final pointers to why resusable menstrual pads are the way forward.

  • They are organic and free from chemicals
  • You no longer contribute to landfill
  • Resuable and cost effecive
  • They stay in place
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • The designs are fashionable and cute
reusable period products

What’s wrong with disposable cotton pads?

While disposable cotton pads do the job, they are wasteful, and costly long term. Your facial cleansing routine should not cost the earth… literally!

Let’s do the same calculation I did for the menstrual pads.

Daily I used to use at least four makeup remover pads a day for my beauty regime.
4 x 365 days = 1460 makeup pads I used and disposed of in a year. (That’s a lot of pads!)

With Natissy reusable makeup removal pads, they save you money and are far more effective at removing makeup. They also contain less chemicals and leave your skin feeling more cleansed than what I had found with standard disposable makeup removal pads.

The reusable makeup remover pads are a great size to ensure all the makeup and products are removed from your face.

I’ve also found these bamboo rounds are more absorbent than my old disposable pads. This means I’m using less of my beauty products such as my toners and cleansers. Another win win! 

It’s not just pads, its wipes that are the issue as well.

Although I would encourage to stop using makeup cotton pads, I feel the same way about makeup wipes too. They are incredible damaging to the planet and contain a multitude of harmful chemicals, with many words you can not even pronounce.

“Cotton production also accounts for 18% of worldwide pesticide use and 25% of total insecticide use … Pesticides have been shown to not only harm the earth and its natural resources, but to also cause severe health problems like ADHD, weakened immune systems, and birth defects.”

Take my face off. The article can be read here.

As well as containing harmful chemicals, disposable wipes contain plastic fibers. Once used and bined, these turn into microplastics which are harmful to marine life and the earth’s food chain.

Our skin is our biggest organ, absorbing what it touches. In order to keep makeup wipes wet and preserved, there’s an array of horrible chemicals at work. If you aren’t willing to pour chemicals from a bottle onto your skin, why rub them onto your face with a wet wipe?

Pictured above is the resuable makeup remover pad set from Natissy. The set includes 12 remover pads, a headband as well as a wash and storage bag.

That’s why I only use natural makeup products. It naturally made sense to use natural makeup remove pads like Natissy as well. This way I can ensure I am avoiding harmful chemicals too.

Final thoughts on all disposable cotton based cleaning and sanitary pads

Our planet needs help more than ever. With plastic floating around the sea like a kids ball play pit, it’s no wonder we are now only just starting to realise the the long effects of how wasteful we have become.

Small actions like swapping out simple items in your daily routine can make such a positive impact on our waste and can change the way we look at plastics and disposables. Don’t discredit the small changes in life, because sometimes it’s the small ones that make the biggest difference.

Pictured above is the the reusable menstrual pads and reusable makeup pads from Natissy.

Where can I can Natissy products from?

You’ve now decided to ditch the disposables? Good!

Natissy have an easy to access Amazon shop, where you can browse their full range of products. I’m grateful to Natissy that there is such environmentally friendly products so easily available. I just wish I had the initiative to have made the swop from disposable to reusable sooner!

I’m interested to know your yearly usage calculations for your menstrual products and makeup remover pads. I was shocked by my own calculations!

Has my article made you think twice about disposables and now opt for reusable ones instead?

Together we can make a change!



  1. August 12, 2019 / 10:54 am

    Great post, Elaina! Simple swaps like this can be so beneficial for our planet.

    • Elaina Sydney
      August 12, 2019 / 3:20 pm

      Thank you so much Natalie! 🙂 It’s the small changes that amount to a lot over time! Thank you for commenting. <3

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