CBD Oil review: My experience taking Honest Hemp daily

Advertorial – Over the years CBD oil appears to have become very popular, with large chain stores selling their variations. As someone who had never tried CBD oil, I researched the internet to find a reputable company and used it for a few weeks. Below is feedback and experience.

Who is Honest Hemp?

Honest Hemp grow fully organic industrial hemp and are a trusted producer and supplier of superior cannabidiol products. Priding themselves on their quality and sustainability, CBD oil is a product you that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle for ultimate wellbeing which doesn’t cost the earth and is also completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

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Established since 2014 with over fifty employees and counting, I’m delighted to have finally found a company I can trust and purchase high quality CBD oil from. Let me get started and explain further why CBD oil may well just be the perfect companion for you!

What is CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an element of the ‘Cannabis Sativa’ plant which has been extracted to inherently produce a substance we know as CBD, which is often made and known to many as CBD oil.

Most controversy surrounding CBD oil is THC. This is the element that gives the consumer the ‘high’, and thus cannot be sold in certain places unless local authorities approve it for medicinal use. Although CBD oil with 0% THC is legal in a majority of countries, there are countries, such as Australia, that has not quite grasped the amazing benefits of this oil.

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So what makes the CBD oil from Honest Hemp so different? It is made from Hemp! Although derived from the same family as the ‘Cannabis Sativia’ plant, hemp oil contains less than 0.3% THC in dry form. This means not only is taste far smoother than others, you don’t have to worry about THC levels within this oil!

Honest Hemp’s range of CBD oil range from 5% to an impressive 20% CBD, all with of course 0% THC. In general, CBD oil can promote a potential wealth of benefits including relief from:

  • arthritic pain
  • chronic pain
  • anxiety relief 
  • controlling seizures and epilepsy
  • potential Cancer fighting abilities
  • insomnia treatment

There are many studies and reports carried out, proving that by simply incorporating CBD oil into your daily life, you can benefit in various ways.

Is there any proof that CBD works?

One study was looking at the effectiveness of CBD oil against Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia with positive concluding statements.

“The main finding from this case study is that CBD oil can be an effective compound to reduce anxiety and insomnia secondary to PTSD.”

(Shannon, S, 2016) Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Pediatric Anxiety and Insomnia as Part of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Report.

This table below shows self-reported pain relief from self-management modalities, listed from greatest to smallest reported pain reduction.

Modality used for self-management Pain relief (0–10 scale)
Mean (SD)
Cannabis 7.6 (2.0)
Heat 6.5 (1.7)
Dietary choices (such as gluten free, vegan) 6.4 (2.4)
Hemp oil/CBD oil 6.3 (3.0)
Acupressure 6.3 (1.6)
Cold 5.5 (2.7)
Massage 5.5 (2.1)
Rest 5.3 (2.1)
Exercise 4.9 (2.4)
Herbal medicines 4.8 (2.5)
Alcohol 4.7 (2.3)
Stretching4.6 (2.1)
Meditation/Breathing 4.6 (2.1)
Yoga/Pilates4.5 (2.0)
Taichi/Qigong 4.0 (1.7)

“When women were asked about the effect self-management had on their need for medications needed to manage their endometriosis symptoms, the most effective was cannabis. Fifty six percent of cannabis users reported being able to reduce their endometriosis related medication by more than 50% and another 27% percent of users reported being able to reduce medication by 25–50%. Other self-management practices were considerably less effective in medication reduction; a third of CBD or hemp oil users reported being able to reduce their endometriosis related medication by 50% or more, while only 18% of those who used a specific diet reported being able to reduce their endometriosis related medication by 50% or more.”

Armour, M. (2019) Self-management strategies amongst Australian women with endometriosis: a national online survey. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

What does this mean?

These study findings reinforce my personal beliefs on how powerful natural remedies can be on the body. Whilst 56% of endometriosis patients using cannabis were able to reduce endometriosis medication by more than 50%, a third of those using CBD oil were also able to half their medication amount. However, note the pain relief scale in the left hand column. Those who used CBD oil were actually shown to be relieved from pain within the same ranges as those who changed their diet, used heat therapy or used cannabis themselves.

I know I’ve mentioned Endometriosis various times throughout this article, however that is because I suffer from this condition. If you’d like to know more about my story, you can read it here. Despite these particular studies being focused on Endometriosis, imagine how CBD oil could help others who may be suffering with anxiety, depression, insomnia or arthritis pain.

How has it helped me?

Without a doubt, the effectiveness of CBD has been inherently proven by the people who use it, which was initially one of the main reasons why I was encouraged to try CBD oil.

After three weeks of using Honest Hemp daily, I can confirm the following.

My monthly periods are the one thing I dread monthly. However after two weeks of taking CBD oil, my period arrived and the intensity of pain I expected was diminished. As a lady with endometriosis, I’m normally wrapped around my hot water bottle and taking tablets for pain relief. To have manageable period pain was a new concept to me!

One thing I’m not going to miss for sure, is those late night trips to the pharmacy or to the supermarket to purchase over the counter painkillers. The most empowering thought, is knowing that by incorporating a few drops of CBD oil into my lifestyle daily, I can reduce chronic pain and have a better well being in general.

It’s worth mentioning whilst taking the CBD oil, I also found myself to be alert yet at the same time calmer too. For many years I’ve suffered with onsets of anxiety and depression. Although it’s early to comment fully on this aspect, I expect as I continue to take the CBD oil, it will only support me further.

Although one may say using CBD oil could be a placebo effect, I feel that it’s more than that. I generally believe my pain management has improved, including my emotional state of mind. My usual Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMT) symptoms weren’t as erratic – let’s just say my husband noticed the difference!

How do you take CBD oil?

This one is easy! Honest Hemp comes in a small bottle with a pipette built into the lid. Simply push down and turn to unscrew, then squeeze the end to collect the oil. Honest Hemp advises 9 or ten 10 drops, which is the equivalent to 0.25ml, under the tongue three times a day, leaving it in the mouth for 60 seconds for optimum absorption.

I started for the first week only taking it once a day and then built myself up to three times a day afterwards. As this is a natural product, you can increase the consumption to find your optimum dosage. However, it is advised that you do not exceed the maximum daily dosage of 160mg or 3.2ml.

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What does it taste like?

It doesn’t really taste of much. Imagine a pleasant earthy taste, combined with an almost olive oil aroma. I would imagine the stronger the strength of the CBD oil, the more varied the taste. However, regardless of how this tasted, knowing how it’s helped me, it could taste ten times worse and I’d still take it. If you know something is improving your health, taste is the least of the concern! Either way, I can confirm the taste isn’t offensive at all and I’ve grown to enjoy consuming my daily dosages.

Final thoughts on Honest Hemp CBD oil

Honestly …(see what I did there), If you still feel unsure whether it’ll help you, my best advice is for you to get yourself a bottle and give it a go yourself. I am going to continue taking Honest Hemp daily, like in the ways I would take a multivitamin and B12 supplement, daily and ongoing. To continue feeling how I’ve done so the past few weeks, it’s important it’s implement taking CBD oil daily as part of your lifestyle.

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To learn more about Honest Hemp and their product range, check out their website here and their instagram here.

Do you have any questions about Honest Hemp or CBD oil in general?

Let me know down below in the comments section! 🙂



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