Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Brands You Need To Know About!

Am I the only person who feels keeping up with the fashion industry is a never ending cycle? To remain “current” requires time researching trends and of course having funds to invest. For myself it was a race that I struggled to join, yet alone compete in! Originally when needing to purchase new clothes, my mind wandered to the clothing retail giants on the high street like Topshop, River Island, H&M and ASOS. It never occurred to me to shop elsewhere because of the convenience, habit and cost.

ethical fashion

However, more so than ever I’ve been hearing the term “fast fashion” and I’ll admit until recently I didn’t fully understand what it meant, or the consequences surrounding it. By chance, (the universe knows, I swear) Netflix recommended for me to watch a documentary called The True Cost. Focusing on the effects of fast fashion industry, I realised from watching the 92 minute documentary what goes on behind the manufacturing scenes for the clothing garments to sit pretty in high street fashion stores. What I learned was shocking. Since I follow a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, extending this kindness to my wardrobe seemed practical and a logical thing to do.

On my youtube, I filmed myself going through my wardrobe, showing you how I downsize what I own and listing the countries of where my clothes had been made. In my first youtube fashion video I discussed fast fashion and slow fashion, stating that I didn’t have many clothes. In actual fact, I had too many! Buying cheap clothing meant I never appreciated what I owned. After some sorting, my wardrobe now contains about thirty pieces. Filming the videos I did, reinforced that less is more, especially when it comes to clothes. I have for many years been implementing minimalism into all areas of my life, so any new clothing and brands I invest in will be staying with me for many years to come as well as bring me joy! (Please note, my old clothes were sold on ebay, depop, gifted to friends or recycled.)

Below is an extensive and happily forever growing list of the environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical clothing brands I’ve discovered, filtered by location.

+ = ships worldwide
f = female
m = male
m + f = male and female
products sold will be listed if the brand specialises in one niche.


AmaElla – + f (lingerie)
ASOS Eco Edit – + m + f
BAM Bamboo Clothing – + m + f
Batoko – + f (swimwear)
Beaumont Organic – + f
Bibico – + f
Brighton Lace – + f (lingerie)
Beyond Skin – + f (shoes)
Corvera Vargas – + f
Cossac – + f
Edge of Ember – + f
Green Spirits – + f + m
Hoodlamb – + m + f (outerwear)
Ilk + Ernie – + f
Know The Origin – + m + f
Komodo – + m + f
Lucy & Yak – + m + f
Lara Intimates – + f (lingerie)
Madia & Matilda – + m + f
Mayamiko – – + f
Monkee Genes – + m + f
MUD Jeans – + m + f
Nancy Dee – + f
Ninety Percent – + f
Nomads – + m + f
Nude Ethics – + f
Organic Basics – + m + f
People Tree – + f
Poetique Paris – + f
Pic Style – + f
Po-Zu – + m + f (shoes)
Pursuit The Label + f (swimwear)
Reve en Vert – + f
Swedish ECO – – + m + f (lingerie)
Swedish Stockings – + f (hosiery)
Tales of Thread – + m + f (sleepwear)
The Lovely Things – + f (handbags)
Thought – + m + f
Unoa – + m + f
Veja – + m + f (shoes)
Vildnis – + f
Yatay – + f + m
Zola Amour – + f


Allbirds – + m + f (shoes)
Alternative Apparel – + m + f
Amour Vert – + m + f
Arkins – + f
A Million Elephants – (accessories)
Girlfriend Collective – + f
Groceries Apparel – + m + f
Gunas – (handbags)
Kotn – + m + f
Mara Hoffman – + f
Patagonia – + m + f
Pact – + m + f
Pansy – + f
Reformation – + f
Tuckerman & Co – + m + f
Vetta – + f
Yoga Democracy – + f
Stella McCartney – + m + f
Tentree – + m + f
Threads 4 Thought – + m + f
Toms – + m + f (shoes)

The above list is just a snippet of many brands out there providing stylish ethical and sustainable clothing. For further brands in the UK and USA as well as a multitude of other countries, check out the website and app, Good On You. I have found this website extremely helpful in learning further about clothing brands as this website ratings is split into planet, people and animals.

I hope you find this post helpful! I’ll try my best to keep this post updated when I discover more brands. Did I miss any brands that you love? Please let me know if I’ve missed any! 🙂

Until my next post, speak soon!


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