One Planet Pizza, the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza is available at Ocado!

Haven’t heard of One Planet Pizza (OPP)? Buddy, it’s time you come out from under the rock you’ve been hiding under. Here is their website you can check out now.

OPP was the first frozen vegan pizza in the UK market. You can find them in over 300 local, independent health stores and vegan shops across the UK! However, thanks to these guys finding vegan friendly pizza is no longer a mission, and more like a short bus or walk away.

In fact, getting your hands on a One Planet Pizza has become even easier because One Planet Pizza has just launched in Ocado! Yep, you heard that right. Announcing the news, One Planet Pizza said:

“We’re SUPER excited for our biggest announcement yet… We’re now available on Ocado which means that a whole lot more of you will now be able to grab a pizza the One Planet action!

one planet pizza

You can now find the familiar flavours of Three ‘Sheese’ Margherita, Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable, Exotic Fungi Feast and Hawaiian. The Roasted Vegetable and Hawaiian are the flavours I always fight over the last slice with my husband.

My invitation to meet One Planet Pizza.

In August 2017, I was kindly invited to eat at River Green Cafe where I met Mike Hill and Joe Hill. Over a delicious meal (you must visit their restaurant in Norwich) It was over this meal that I learnt about One Planet Pizza and was later invited to become an ambassador with my husband.

Over the years I’ve been catching up with Mike and Joe across events in the UK. I couldn’t be more proud of how far they’ve come! In 2017 they won several awards including The Best Tasting Vegan Pizza by Vegan Life and The Best Vegan Fast Food in 2017 Vegfest Awards. In 2018, they scooped up a second Vegfest Award for ‘Best Vegan Ready Meal’.

It’s February and they have just been shortlisted for The Free From 2019 category. I tell you, OPP has got their vegan pizza domination game down! Watch this space guys.

Have you tried a Pizza from One Planet Pizza yet?



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