Eating Vegan in Budapest: Where should you visit?

Having spent four days eating my way around Budapest, I’m excited to be writing this restaurant guide! My reason for visiting was to see pretty architecture but most importantly, eat as much vegan food as I could! I had read that Budapest is an extremely vegan-friendly city, so I booked some flights and decided to find out for myself.

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Vegan Love – 9 Bartók Béla út

This is where the dreams of vegans come true. Think tall, stacked, full to the brim burgers overflowing with sauce and out of this world taste. Vegan Love has it all – hotdogs, pitas, salads and sandwiches. I visited twice and if it wasn’t for the restaurant being on the other side of the city to my hotel, I would have happily eaten there daily. This is coming from a girl who doesn’t pick burgers in restaurants when there’s a vegan menu. After eating here I actually thought it’s a real shame I don’t live in Budapest, because this would be the place I’d treat myself to whether I had a good or bad day. Don’t miss this one!

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Slow Foodiez, Szondi u. 11, 1067

Inside was so quaint and the waitresses and owner was so friendly. It made me wish I had a laptop because I could easily whisk away some hours there. Now onto the food. Raw food always amazes me. The flavours and the texture from Slow Foodiez didn’t disappoint. I ordered a raw Indian flavoured samosa with chutney and it tasted exquisite. Whenever I eat raw food, I am astonished that not only is it delicious but healthy too! Rediscovering food at my age? No wonder I love raw food. It’s also worth noting that when we arrived on the Sunday, Slow Foodiez was open when everywhere else appeared to be shut! They are open everyday except Monday. Get that raw goodness in you now.

budapest vegan

96 ZenEtterem, Kálvin tér 5, 1053

I saved visiting this vegan chinese buffet restaurant for a late morning. I had earlier been checking out the beautiful architectural buildings for photographs, so afterwards I was starving! The food at 96 ZenEtterem was insane. I loved that there was choices but not an overwhelming amount as you can find with some buffet restaurants. I couldn’t help but to go for the thick noodles, sweet and sour balls and chicken curry. They even had jiaozi (steamed dumplings) which I didn’t hesitate to add onto my plate. I especially loved how their chinese wasn’t oily, it was just good damn tasty. Plate size determines the food amount and of course, this girl went for an extra large plate!

budapest vegan

Fill Good Kézműves Sütöltöde, Hollán Ernő u. 3, 1136

The day I went in search of Fill Good, it started to heavily snow, which made the requirement to fill up on baked goods even more of a necessity. It was such a relief to find baked goods where I didn’t have to ask whether the food was vegan, because all of this stuff was! Despite wanting all that was available, I settled for a gluten free pizza, chocolate roll, chocolate fudge and puff pastry sticks. They all tasted so good, and those chocolate rolls? I could have happily eaten another three or four…

budapest vegan

Vega City, Múzeum krt. 23, 1053

When I arrived, it was very busy which is always a good telltale sign of a good place. Buffet style, there was a wide variety of options to choose from. After eating a lot of vegan junk food, it was a relief to eat healthy wholesome food. I left feeling inspired that when I when I return to the UK I would recreate what I eaten which was a pesto, pearl barley mixture with cashews, broccoli, grapes and aubergine. If VegaCity happened to have been closer to our hotel I would have definitely eaten there a few times, especially since their menu changes daily! We sat on the second floor providing us the perfect location for people watching.

budapest vegan

Hummus Bar, Hollán Ernő u. 6, 1136

I’ve got to admit the UK has kinda killed falafels for me. The year 2018 was the year where every supermarket brought out a falafel sandwich. It’s fair to say I thought I had done with them. Then I had a hot fresh out of the pan falafel from the Hummus Bar and fell back in love. I popped into there for a mid lunch snack and to use their toilet and left with a deep set craving for falafels again which I wasn’t expecting! Maybe I’m not done with falafels after all…

Naspolya Nassolda, Káldy Gyula u. 7, 1061

If I opened a cafe, it would be in the style of this. Although I visited a lot of cafes during my stay in Budapest, there was something really tranquil about Naspolya Nassolda. The vibes were amazing. I loved the swinging log suspended from the ceiling, the painted pallets, all the plants, the painted sticks hanging in the window … it was like everything in the cafe was carefully considered to create the most relaxing environment. Bonus was that everything was raw vegan. I settled on a yogi herbal tea with some raw vegan cakes, which were outstanding. The owner was so friendly too. I haven’t been to many places where have to remark to them just how beautiful their establishment is, but here I didn’t hesitate.

Madal Cafe, 1053, Ferenciek tere 3

After visiting the Hungarian Parliament, I dived into Madal Cafe. This was the first place in Budapest where I ordered my usual chai latte and was astonished at the taste! If you are a chai latte girl like myself, these taste nothing like the ones in the UK. They blow them out of the water tenfold! My chai latte had some serious depth and a long sweet tasting taste. It was after finding a seat I naturally wanted something sweet and then I realised literally three quarters of their cakes, fudges and truffles were vegan. Needless to say I tried four of them and stayed in there some time!

Food eateries I didn’t try, but you should:

Hopefully I’ve shown Budapest is an extremely vegan friendly place. Sadly in the four days I was there, I wasn’t able to visit every vegan eatery. However please see the restaurants below which I intended to visit and have read are incredible. If you have visited any of the below, please feel free to leave a comment below, you may very well be the reason why I return to Budapest.

For a full comprehensive list of vegan food eateries, please visit the Happy Cow website. It’s an extensive list! 🙂

Some other things I loved about Budapest but are not food related were:

  • Public Transport – if you want to see it all, hop on the trams. They were the most perfect inexpensive way to enable you to get around the city and save your legs from miles and miles of walking.
  • Walking – Their road system made sense sense to me making it feel very pedestrian friendly with the crossings at every junction.
  • Predominately Budapest was quite a bit cheaper than the UK, we were able to fit in a lot of activities in Budapest for a fraction of the cost of what it would in the UK.
  • The hardest part of the holiday was choosing what hotel to stay in. The airbnbs didn’t make the decision easier either as they were equally as modern, beautiful and amazingly priced per night.
  • The architecture all around Budapest is stunning. Even if you aren’t into buildings, visit the Parliament of Hungary, Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle and St. Stephen’s Basilica for some breathtaking photographs.
  • Relaxing is easy in Budapest with many massage parlours and hot thermal spas.

If you are an avid traveller or simply enjoy travelling whenever you can, check out my 10 Tips For Making Your Travelling Stress Free guide.

My break in Budapest was an thoroughly enjoyable one. I plan to return once I’ve checked off some of the other countries on my bucket list.

Have you ever been to Budapest? Is it a country you plan to?



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