Should you invest in an electric facial cleansing brush?

When my husband asked what I would like for Christmas, the Visapure Home Facial Device came to mind. A few days prior I had been eyeing the device up. I was intrigued, just how effective are facial brushes in keeping your skin clean and clear? Being prone to flaky patches (thanks dry skin) I decided it was time to put the curiosity to bed. Before my husband tapped the buy now button, he asked: “Is it like an electric toothbrush but for your face?” Dear husband, that is not a bad stab in the dark.

What is Visapure by Philips?

Although known for their famous toothbrushes, Philips adapted their sonic technology to create the Visapure, a home facial brush. This device cleans your skin thoroughly and gently, which particularly interested me having always had sensitive skin. A press of the button brings the machine to life consequently making the brush head to spin. To increase the level of intensity and speed, simply press the button again. The innovative technology is all in brush head itself, since it can pulsate and rotate simultaneously. Up to 17,000 ultra fine soft bristles pulsate to remove dirt, makeup and dead skin cells, with the rotations helping to carry it away resulting in your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. With a conveniant twenty second timer that reminds you to move onto your next area of your face, cleansing takes less than a minute.

Have you noticed a difference in your skin?

In winter I always suffer with dry patches on my cheeks. No matter what exfoliating cleansers I used, they would still remain. The Visapure claims to be ten times more effective at cleansing than by doing so with your hand manually. To my surprise, my dry patches vanished. If anything, my skin feels the smoothest it has ever felt. Being the naughty girl I am, I opened my Christmas present early… I was having a convenient breakout alright? Regardless, I can honestly say my breakouts faded and the pesky spots have yet to return after using this daily. I have now come to appreciate the importance of looking after my skin as I can see its true condition and what it requires from me to improve.

How often do you use it?

Waterproof and lightweight, I tend to use mine daily in the shower. Some use their Visapure morning and night, however I only do this when I’ve worn more makeup than usual. Mornings are a great time for a gentle clean, with the deeper clean perfect for removing foundation and makeup that is secretly hiding in your pores! When cleansing I reach for either Sukin or Pai Skincare, both cruelty free, vegan and gentle on the skin. It always amazes me the colour of the brush head when you’ve finished, just when you thought you’d removed all of your makeup… think again!

What about the spa massage and fresh eyes attachment?

When you’ve finished cleansing, you can use the spa massage head attachment. This smart head massages your skin, increasing blood circulation which in turn brings more oxygen , providing you with “the glow” which we all love after a facial! Using the massage head is meant to be the equivalent of having 750 fingertips on your skin. I wouldn’t say it has that effect personally, but it’s a relaxing sensation all the same.

Finally there is the fresh eyes head which refreshes the skin around your eyes with a 30 second massage. This attachment provides you with 120 nano-vibrations per second. Fancy stuff right? After use, I do notice substantially less puffiness around my eye area, not to mention it does feel pretty soothing. Before my Visapure, I would rub my eyes to wake up, so this is certainly a step up in comparison!

Where can I buy the Visapure Home Facial Device?

My Visapure was bought from John Lewis. I thought the additional charging and storing stand, storage palette, travel pouch would be ideal for when I’m travelling. Although I was initially hesitant to allow my husband to purchase this for me due to it’s price tag, it’s been an investment. To see my skin improve visually so soon and become spot free has made it worth every penny.

Have you ever considered buying a facial cleansing brush? Do you think it would be something your skin may benefit from? Let me know!



  1. nattathenut
    January 17, 2019 / 8:23 pm

    You take such beautiful photos! 😍 this looks so great! I want my dry patches to vanish! Lol!❤️

    • Elaina Sydney
      January 17, 2019 / 11:34 pm

      Thank you! Studying photography comes useful sometimes! The visapure might help with those flaky patches. No other lotion or cleanser did it for me. They do a mini one which is cheaper and really cute too! 😁💓

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