Hi there! My name is Elaina, a mid-twenty-something and the blogger behind thekindlife.co.uk.

When I’m not in the office at my full-time job doing marketing, I’m trying new cruelty-free beauty products, finding new fashion pieces and staying curious for anything in the subjects of lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion and travel.

Why did I create a blog? 

From a young age I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. Moving, getting married, changing jobs and everything else in between stopped me from picking up the books I loved, so I decided I’d document my busy life into a blog!

So in December 2018, I launched The Kind Life, a lifestyle blog and a home for all things cruelty-free. I write about beauty, fashion, travel, food and all things lifestyle related. I’ll always be honest in any product that I review as I want you the consumer to be informed as best as you can be.

For all enquiries, please email me at elaina@thekindlife.co.uk (my only email address) – I would love to hear from you!